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Pop Warner Little Scholars continues to be one of the safest youth sports organizations in the entire country.  Our football and cheerleading program is committed to the safety of our participants regardless of age level.

New Hampshire Pop Warner mandates a safety clinic for all of its football and cheerleading coaches on an annual basis.  In addition, all football players are placed in divisions that ensure that they will placed with others that fall within the same age and weight range.

Pop Warner's unique AGE & Weight matrix is time-tested and is only adjusted at the National level upon review of the injury data from prior seasons.  In order for a weight increase to be approved, it must pass a vote through the eight U.S. Pop Warner regions.

All Pop Warner teams in the country play by the same rules and are governed by the National Pop Warner Rulebook.

This page was last updated: February 10, 2013
2007 Hawks Midgets
2007 Division 2
State Champs
2005 Hawks JrMidgets
2005 Division 2B
State Champs

The Youngsville Hawks are a proud member of NH Pop Warner and our teams our based on Pop Warner's time-tested Age & Weight system below for the safety of all participants regardless of age level. 

Tiney MitesAge 5-7 (35-75 lbs)
Mitey MitesAge 7-8 (45-90 lbs) Age 9 (45-75 lbs)
Jr Pee WeeAge 8-10 (60-105 lbs)    Age 11 (60-85 lbs)
Pee Wee   Age 9-11 (75-120 lbs)    Age 12 (75-100 lbs)
Jr Midget  Age 10-12 (85-135 lbs)   Age 13 (85-115 lbs)

The 2013 season will begin Tuesday August 1, 2013.

During the month of August, practice will be held Monday-Thursday 6:00-8:30.  After Labor day, practice will be held Tuesday-Thursday 6:00-8:00.  Check with your coaches for exact schedule.  The Tiney-Mite team is allowed to practice 6 hours a week throughout the season, most likely Tuesday-Thursday from 6:00-8:00 after the first week of practice.

Games are mostly played on Sundays with a rare Saturday exception.  The Game schedule will be posted in mid-August when released by NH Pop Warner.